Counted, Measured, Compiled - Johannes Luxner
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Търговец: Калисто, София


Counted, Measured, Compiled

Johannes Luxner

Цена 28.00 лв
рядка книга
Корица: твърда
Година :2013
Страници: 96
Език: английски
Състояние: отлично
Категория: Туризъм и туристически пътеводител книги

How many golden leaves are on the roof of the Secession building? What country sends the most  tourists to Vienna? How much does a dog poo weight? How many tonnes of Christmas trees are put up every year? What are the most popular car colours? And what do people try to find out about Vienna on the internet? A myariad of questions, and just as many answers. Delve into Vienna by he numbers.


Counted, Measured, Compiled, Johannes Luxner